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Friday, 30 September 2016

Music has charms to soothe the savage breast

Lady Gaga's Perfect Ilusion: an interview

Conversation Questions
What kind of music do you like?
Are you a good singer?
Can you concentrate on other things when you are listening to music?
Can you play a musical instrument?
If so, what do you play?
How long have you been playing?
Are you good at it?
Can you play the drums?
Can you play the guitar?
Can you read music?
Do you enjoy music videos?
Do you ever listen to MP3 files on your computer?
Do you have an expensive stereo system? 
Do you know the band named Metallica? If so, do you like them?
Do you like all kinds of music?
Do you like American rock bands?
Do you like country music?
Do you like heavy metal bands like Megadeath, Marilyn Manson, and so on?
Do you like jazz?
Do you like to listen classical music?
Do you like to listen country music?
Who is your favorite country singer?
Do you like to listen to Broadway musicals?
What is your favorite Broadway musical show?
Do you like punk music?
Do you like singing karaoke? 
How often do you sing karaoke?
Do you like to dance?
Do you listen to music while doing your homework?
Do you sing while taking a bath?
Do you think there is a relationship between drugs and music? 
How about violence and music?
Do you think your favorite music twenty years from now will be the same as it is today?
Do you watch music shows on TV? If so, what do you watch?
Does you mother play the piano?
Have you ever been to a concert?
Have you ever been to a rock concert?
Have you ever been to an orchestra concert?
Have you ever taken part in a singing competition?
How does music make you feel?
How many CD's do you have?
How much time do you spend listening to music?
How often do you listen to music? (...to classical music, ... to jazz, ...)
How often do you listen to the radio?
If you could play any musical instrument, what would it be?
If you could start a band, what type of music would you play? Why?
If you were a song, what song would you be and why?
Is live music popular in your country?
Is there any kind of music that you hate?
Should music lyrics be rated similar to the way movies are rated?
What are some concerts you have been to?
What are some special or traditional musical instruments in your country?
What do you think the world would be like without music?
What do you think of manufactured bands? Can you name any?
What is one of your favorite songs?
Why do you like it?
When did you first hear it?
Who sings it?
What is your favorite karaoke song to sing?
What is your favorite kind of music?
What kind of music do you like?
What kind of music do you listen to to cheer you up?
What kind of music do you usually listen to?
What kind of music do your parents listen to?
What kind of music you like the most?
What kind of songs do you like to sing?
What kinds of music do people listen to in your country?
What kinds of music do you dislike?
What musicians did you like when you were in junior high school? How about high school?
What radio station do you usually listen to?
What was the last CD you bought?
What was the last concert you went to?
What was your favorite music five years ago? 10 years ago? How have your musical tastes changed?
When was the last time you went dancing?
When was the last time you went to a concert?
Where do you usually listen to music?
Which do you prefer, songs in English or songs in your own language?
Who is your favorite singer or group?
Who is your favorite singer?
Why do you think music is important and how does it affect different people?
Why is music so important to people and culture?
Is the image of the group or singer more important than the music?
Can you think of examples of music calming people or increasing their efficiency?
Do you mind singing to other people? (Another wording: ...singing in front of people?)
If you don't mind then how large an audience would be too many?
While listening to the radio, do you ever want to sing the song that is being played?
Why do you think some people believe opera singers should be fat?
Do you ever download MP3 files from the Internet?
Do you prefer rock music or romantic music?
Do you think music can heal sick people?
Do you think that animals can enjoy music? How do you know?
Do you think that music can help make world peace? How?
How important do you think a good music teacher is to mastering an instrument?
What do you think the next piece of music technology will be, after digital technology?
If you could invent a new instrument, what would it sound like?
Do you think the use of drugs by some musicians increases their artistic creativity?
Who is your favorite composer?
Did you go to the symphony when you were a child?
Do your brothers and sisters also love classical music?
What makes a song popular for you, the lyrics of the song or the melody?
Why is the recorder called the recorder?
Who is the most famous musician from your country?
Do you think it is wrong to download music for free?
Do you ever create (mix) CD's for your friends?
Does your country have laws against copying CD's?
Do you prefer listening to songs in your own language or in another language?    Why?
Does music affect unborn children?
Do you think that people form different cultures react to music in different ways?
What do you think of when you listen to music?
What kind or style of music would it be weird for your parents to listen to? Why?
If you could be any musician in the world, who would you be and why?

If you could be a musician who would you be?

Friday, 19 August 2016


  • Have you ever been on a diet?
    How do you know if you are fat?
    What is the best way to diet?
    Do you think dieting can be dangerous?
    Do you think fiber is important in your diet?
    What kind of fiber is the best when you are trying to loose weight?
    Do you think protein is important in a balanced diet?
    What is a good source of protein?
    Do you think people who are fat can be happy?
    Do you think people are in general are gaining weight or loosing weight?
    What kind of diet would you recommend to your friend?
    What kind of diet would recommended for an older person(40's) and a younger person(teens)?
    What is the difference between diet and a healthy diet?
    Is there a difference between being thin and being healthy? Which one is better?
    Do you think being slim equals beautiful?
    Do you think there is more pressure now for teens to look slimmer?
    In what way can diet influence our appearance and personaliza?

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Conversation. T0PICS: Travel, holidays, related ...

  1. Where have you been?
  2. Are you planning on going anywhere for your next vacation?
  3. If so, where?
  4. Who with?
  5. How long will you stay?
  6. Are you afraid of going abroad alone?
  7. Could you live in another country for the rest of your life?
  8. Describe the most interesting person you met on one of your travels.
  9. What was your best trip.
  10. What was your worst trip.
  11. Did your class in high school go on a trip together?
  12. If so, where did you go?
  13. How long did you stay?
  14. How did you get there?
  15. Do you have a driver's license?
  16. Do you like to travel with children? Why or why not?
  17. Do you like to travel with your mother? Why or why not?
  18. Do you prefer summer vacations or winter vacations?
  19. Do you prefer to travel alone or in a group? Why?
  20. Do you prefer to travel by train, bus, plane or ship?
  21. Do you prefer traveling by car or by plane?
  22. Have you ever been in a difficult situation while traveling?
  23. Have you ever been on an airplane?
  24. How many times?
  25. What airlines have you flown with?
  26. Have you ever been to a foreign country?
  27. Have you ever gotten lost while traveling? If so, tell about it.
  28. Have you ever hitchhiked? If so, how many times?
  29. Have you ever taken a package tour?
  30. How do you spend your time when you are on holiday and the weather is bad?
  31. How many countries have you been to? How many states?
  32. How many times have you traveled abroad?
  33. How much luggage do you usually carry?
  34. If you traveled to South America, what countries would like to visit?
  35. If you went to ___(Insert a country name)__, what kind of souvenirs would you buy?
  36. If you were going on a camping trip for a week, what 10 things would you bring? Explain why.
  37. What are some countries that you would never visit? Why would you not visit them?
  38. What are some things that you always take with you on a trip?
  39. What countries would you like to visit? Why?
  40. What countries would you most like to visit?
  41. What countries would you not like to visit? Why?
  42. What country do you most want to visit?
  43. Why?
  44. Do you think you will ever go there?
  45. What do you need before you can travel to another country?
  46. What is the most interesting city to visit in your country?
  47. What is the most interesting souvenir that you have ever bought on one of your holidays?
  48. What languages can you speak?
  49. What place do you want to visit someday?
  50. What was the most interesting place you have ever visited?
  51. What's the most beautiful place you've ever been to?
  52. When was the last time your traveled?
  53. When you are on a long car journey do you play games or sing songs to occupy your time?
  54. What kind of games?
  55. What songs?
  56. Where are you going to go the next time you travel?
  57. When are you going to go?
  58. Who are you going to go with?
  59. How long are you going to go for?
  60. What are you going to do there?
  61. What kind of things do you think you will buy?
  62. Where did you go on your last vacation?
  63. How did you go?
  64. Who did you go with?
  65. Where did you spend your last vacation? Your summer vacation? Your Christmas vacation?
  66. Where will you go on your next vacation?
  67. Would you like to take a cruise? Where to? With who?
  68. Do you prefer traveling on a hovercraft or a ferry?
  69. Would you prefer to stay at a hotel/motel or camp while on vacation?
  70. Would you rather visit another country or travel within your own country?
  71. Would you rather go to a place where there are a lot of people or to a place where there are few people?
  72. Do you find more fulfillment from your leisure activities including vacations than from your job?
  73. Do you think the type of vacation one takes reflects one's social status?
  74. What are popular tourist destinations in your country?
  75. Have you been to any of them?
  76. Which would you recommend if you could only recommend one? Why?
  77. Do you prefer active or relaxing holidays? Why?
  78. Which is better, package tour or a tour you organize and book yourself?
  79. Why do you travel?
  80. Why do people travel?
  81. Would you like to go back to the same place?
  82. Did you find anything of particular interest? / Did you get attracted to anything special?
  83. What are some benefits of travel?
  84. Why do people travel?
  85. What is your favorite mode of travel?
  86. Have you travelled in business class?
  87. When you were a child did your family take a vacation every year?
  88. Do you prefer a budget or first class hotel? Why?
  89. Do you travel with a lot of baggage or do you like to travel light?
  90. What is your favorite method of travel at your destination? Train? Bus? Boat? Bicycle? Backpacking?
  91. What is the best kind of holiday for different ages of people? Children? Teenagers? Adults? Elderly people?
  92. Do you think it is a good idea to travel with friends, or alone? How about with your family?
  93. If you had $100,000, where would you go on holiday? How about if you had $10,000? What about $1,000?
  94. Which countries have you travelled to?
  95. Do you prefer hot countries or cool countries when you go on holiday
  96. Who makes the decisions when your family decides to go on holiday
  97. If you could choose one place to go this weekend, where would it be? 
  98. Has the airline ever lost your luggage? What happened?
  99. On long flights do you usually walk around the plane to avoid health problems?
  100. Have you ever read an interesting question in an in-flight magazine? What was it?
  101. Is there any difference between young tourists and adult tourists?
  102. Do you think tourism will harm the earth?
  103. Did you enjoy your last vacation? (How was your vacation?)
  104. How do you feel after a long vacation?
  105. How many days was your vacation?
  106. How much money did you spend on your last vacation?
  107. Did you encounter any problems during your vacation?
  108. How did you resolve them?
  109. Did you have a part-time job during the holidays?
  110. Did you have any bad experiences?
  111. Did you meet any interesting people? Cn you tell me about them.
  112. Did you notice any cross-cultural differences during your vacation?
  113. Did you study during the vacation? If so, what did you study?
  114. How was your trip?
  115. Why did you visit the place(s) you went to?
  116. How did you get there?
  117. Why did you choose the means of transportation that you chose?
  118. How much luggage did you take?
  119. Would you take the same or different equipment next time?
  120. In what ways did you obtain real satisfaction when you were on vacation?
  121. Was the place you went to very different from where you live? 
  122. What were the women like? 
  123. What were the men like? 
  124. Were people friendly? 
  125. Did you stay in a hotel? 
  126. What was the daily rate? 
  127. What historical sites did you visit and what did you learn?
  128. What interesting people did you meet? Tell me about them.
  129. What souvenirs did you buy?
  130. What was the best food you ate during your vacation?
  131. What was the most enjoyable thing that you did during your vacation?
  132. What was the most interesting thing that you did during the vacation?
  133. What was the most interesting thing you did during the holiday?
  134. Where did you go for your last vacation?
  135. Did people speak English there?
  136. Did you have any problems?
  137. Did you use a lot of English?
  138. How did you get there?
  139. How long did it take to get there?
  140. How long were you there?
  141. How much money did you spend?
  142. What did you do there?
  143. What did you see in each place?
  144. What kind of food did you eat?
  145. What souvenirs did you buy?
  146. What was the activity you enjoyed the most, and why?
  147. What was the weather/food/scenery like?
  148. What were the people/restaurants/scenic spots like?
  149. Where did you stay?
  150. Where did you visit?
  151. Where would you like to go next?
  152. Who did you travel with?
  153. Would you recommend your friends visit there, why or why not?
  154. Where did you go? How long did you stay? How did you get there?
  155. Where is your favorite place to go on vacation?
  156. Where in the world would you most like to go for your next vacation?
  157. Of all the places you visited, which would you recommend to your friends?
  158. How do you get to sleep when you are traveling on a plane?
  159. How far was it to the beaches, to the nearest town, village etc.?
  160. How long did it take you to get there?
  161. What sort of condition was the hotel in?
  162. Did the room overlook the sea?
  163. Did you have a nice view from your room?
  164. Have you ever run out of money when you are on holidays?
  165. Who is the most remarkable person you have ever met on holiday?
  166. How would you feel if there weren't any holidays?
  167. Have you ever been mugged while on vacation?
  168. What is the most exotic or strangest thing you ate on holiday?
  169. Have you ever thought of giving up your holiday due to unavoidable reasons?
  170. When is the holiday celebrated?
  171. Is it celebrated as a family or a group?
  172. Does your family celebrate this holiday?
  173. Has your family always celebrated this holiday? If not, when did you start celebrating it?
  174. When does the celebration for this holiday generally start?
  175. Is it a religious holiday?
  176. Which religion celebrates it?
  177. Is attending a temple or a church on that day part of the celebration? 
  178. Are there specific prayers or blessings that go with the holiday?
  179. Are there special foods connected with the holiday?
  180. Have you eaten any of these foods?
  181. Do you or did you like the foods?
  182. Can you make these foods? Are you good at making them?
  183. Is gift giving a part of this holiday?
  184. Are there specific types of gifts to be given?
  185. Who are they given to?
  186. What are some of the things that are done to show that this holiday is being observed?
  187. Is it strictly an American holiday?
  188. When did Congress approve this holiday? Or did they?
  189. Is it only a state or city approved holiday?
  190. Has is ever been disapproved by officials?
  191. What does the holiday stand for? Why is this holiday celebrated?
  192. Are the banks, post offices or schools closed for this holiday?
  193. Is there is a person or god connected with the holiday?
  194. Who are they and do you believe in them?
  195. If you do not believe in these people or gods, does the celebration of these bother you in any way (e.g., ignored, dismissed, angry, etc.)?
  196. Do you enjoy the holiday?
  197. Why or why not?
  198. Do you decorate the outside of your house for the holiday?
  199. Do your neighbors decorate their house?
  200. How is the house decorated?
  201. Is the inside decorated? How?
  202. Are there special songs associated with the holiday?
  203. Do you know the songs?
  204. Can you sing some of them?
  205. Do schools, temples or churches have special programs for this holiday?
  206. Are there parties?
  207. Are these for adults, children or both?
  208. Do you see your relatives during this holiday?
  209. Who did you visit?
  210. Do you visit them every year on this holiday?
  211. How many different nationalities or ethnic groups do you see celebrating this holiday?
  212. What do you usually do for this holiday?
  213. What did you do last year?
  214. What would you like to do next year?
  215. Are cards sent or given for this holiday?
  216. Did you send any cards last year?
  217. How many cards did you send?
  218. Who did you send cards to?
  219. What traditional colors are associated with this holiday?
  220. Do you do something different during this holiday?
  221. Would you like to go on a cruise? Why or why not?
  222. Will you go back to the same place again?
  223. Have you ever entered a competition to win a holiday?
  224. Compare the experience of being a tourist with being an international student.
  225. Would you take a job where you had to travel at least once a month?
  226. In your opinion, what are the five most essential items to pack on any holiday?
  227. Is a 'working holiday' really a holiday?
  228. Who do you know that really needs a holiday, and why? Where should they go and what should they do?
  229. Compare caravan holidays with youth hostels.
  230. Compare camping in a tent with staying in a five star hotel.
  231. Compare traveling alone to traveling with a companion.
  232. Compare package tours with do-it-yourself tours.
  233. Do you think package holidays for pets is a good idea? 
  234. If so, what kind of tours and activities should they offer?
  235. How much should they be?
  236. Should dogs and cats be allowed to travel on the same tour?
  237. What holidays have disappeared in your country?
  238. What is your parent's favorite holiday?
  239. What new holiday are needed in your country?
  240. What holiday should be abolished?
  241. What are some of your fondest memories of Thanksgiving?
  242. What kind of traditional food do you eat for Thanksgiving?
  243. Where is the best place to be for the holidays?
  244. Do you think holidays are important? Why?
  245. What kinds of thing do you like to do on the holidays?
  246. Do you ever feel blue during the holidays? What do you do about it?
  247. Do you think pets need holidays? What kinds of holidays would we have for pets?
  248. What games do you play during your holidays?
  249. How many holidays do you have in your country?
  250. What special foods are associated with your favorite holiday?
  251. What special clothing/customs are associated with your favorite holiday?
  252. What is your favorite holiday memory? Tell us about it.
  253. Who is your favorite holiday character (e.g. Santa Claus)? Why?
  254. What are three holidays that you like to spend with your family?
  255. What is your worst holiday memory? Tell us about it.
  256. If you had a long holiday, what will you do with it?
  257. Do you like to stay up late on holidays?
  258. Who do you usually spend the holidays with?
  259. If a holiday falls on a Sunday, should you get another day off?
  260. What is best present you ever received?
  261. What is your favorite holiday food?
  262. What is your favorite holiday song?
  263. Does it bother you that some holidays are religious and some are not?
  264. Do you celebrate holidays differently now than you did when you were a child?
  265. What is your favorite holiday festival in your country?
  266. Do you light off fireworks on New Years Eve in your country?
  267. If you could visit any other country during Christmas, where would you go?
  268. What holiday is the most dangerous in your country?
  269. What holiday is the most exciting in your country?
  270. Why do we celebrate Easter?
  271. Do you celebrate Easter in your country?
  272. How do you celebrate Easter in your country?
  273. Do you have any special family traditions?
  274. Did the original meaning of Easter get lost?
  275. What do you think of Father's Day? Mother's Day? Parent's Day?
  276. What are 3 holidays that you like to spend with your family?
  277. If you had a long holiday, what will you do with it?Do you like to stay up late on holidays?
  278. What's your favorite holiday food?
  279. What kinds of religious holidays have become secular in your country?
  280. Is there any religious holiday that has a special meaning for you?
  281. Is there any non-religious holiday that has a special meaning for you?                                                           source: http://iteslj.org/questions/holiday.html